First Dates ♥


First Dates made a welcome return to Channel 4 last Tuesday with it’s sixth series (WOO)

For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, it’s based on the premise of two strangers meeting for the first time over dinner. The catch? The restaurant is fully miked for our viewing pleasure. Think “The Restaurant” meets “Blind Date”.

Paternoster Chop House restaurant in Central London is the venue for these hopeful singletons, who are greeted on arrival by mixologist (that’s bartender to you and I) Merlin Griffiths before being waited on hand and foot by the hottest wait staff I have ever seen; CiCi Coleman, Laura Tott and Sam Conrad.

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However, Maitre D’ Fred Sirieix is the real star of the show, offering advice on love, romance and dating all delivered in a sexy, sauve French accent. If he wasn’t so adorable it would be a definite case of fromage.

Last week got the series off to a great start! Unfortunately, Becky the burlesque dancer and stand-up comic Lewis didn’t exactly hit it off and nor did ice queen (aka resting bitch face) Gemma and her man but the fabulous Jay and Robbie and Uma and Ruth more than made up for that. Jay spoke about surviving a serious homophobic attack at the age of 14 while Uma’s sisters’ sudden death last year spurred her on to apply for First Dates.

Couple of the evening, however, has to be brawny scientist Ashley and single-Mum Sonia.

Their date went soooooo well and all jokes about eloping to Gretna Green and getting married aside I really hope it works out for them!


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