The Italian Job

This is a good news story all wrapped up in a bad news story and is such a great response from the fans in the face of such a shitty event!

I first discovered the Eskies very late on the Saturday night of Knockanstockan and after about 36 hours without sleep I was absolutely wilting. I parked myself toward the back of the crowd, right between a middle aged couple shifting the faces off each other (eww) and 2 lads I’d met earlier that day with some seriously qestionable facial hair. As I said I was wilting and fully ready to call it a night, but the lads came on stage and gave it absolute socks, shoes and then some. Definitely one of my fave “discoveries” of Festival Season 2015.
Anyway, long story short, while on tour in Italy, some thug robbed the Eskies’ van in Milan, relieving them of a bag with the money from all of the tickets, fees and merch from their ENTIRE UK tour. as well as a MacBook, Zoom recorder, GoPro camera and their tour planner. Bummer is an understatement.

You can catch up on the full details on their Facebook page:
Michelle Geraghty took it on and started a Go Fund Me page to help the lads out and so far, they’ve raised an incredible €6,000 in less than a week.

Donate here:

Makes you proud to be Irish seeing people coming together to help The Eskies out.